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Category: Historical Villas
Geographical region: Piedmont
Area: Saluzzo, Piedmont
Price: Reserved negotiation

REYNAUDI CASTLE (Piedmont -Italy)

The Castle is located in SALUZZO—Piedmont, Italy at the foot of the mountain. It stands in the place where long time ago was built a big manor house, with double defence wall: the outer wall was built with three towers and was connected by a drawbridge with the inner one, where another drawbridge encircled by four towers allows the entrance to the castle.
This building was ideated by Guglielmo Costanza in 1192. He got a feud by the Saluzzo Marquis who inherit it by Bonifacio del Vasto.
The old Castle was built with defined goals: check the landscape towards the Varaita Valley and the mountains pass.
Its destruction did not come from the mountains but from Carlo I of Savoia in 1487 during his war against Ludovic II of Saluzzo.
In the ruins of this Castle, in 1617, Giovanni Michele Criotti di Savigliano, got some right in that place, and start to built the new castle, ultimate by his son.
In a public auction it has been bought by the senator Leone Reynaudi, navy Minister.


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